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Trouble for Construction in Fredericton


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/11/10

According to CBC News, there are some ongoing and upcoming headaches for the Fredericton folks based on the summer road construction.

The general manager of the business improvement organization talked about the scrambling for some of the owners of some of the companies. They ave been cut from business due to the construction going on, which is causing a loss of income for some of the business owners.

Bruce McCormack, General Manager of Downtown Fredericton Inc., talked about the ways in which the City of Fredericton have not been able to communicate with the local businesses in an effective way.

“He said they could have better planned around the periods of congested traffic and loss of parking spaces if given sufficient notice when the intersection at Regent and Queen streets was closing,” CBC News stated.

The city failed to provide sufficient notice to the businesses in Fredericton. They suffered for it.

“We realize that construction has to work and we need that infrastructure, so we’re willing to work with the city, but we need to know the information,” McCormack opined, “There’s got to be a balance.”

The construction will cost the restaurant owners about $100,000 in total. Fredericton has 22 main construction initiatives ongoing including the renewal of the sewer mains in St. Anne’s Point Boulevard.

This will close a main part of the city for 11 weeks. The article continued, “City engineer John Lewis outlined five more major construction projects — Smythe Street, Forest Hill Road, Lincoln Road, Riverside Drive and Sunset Drive — that will take place over the next several weeks.”


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