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Resource: Atheist Republic


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/10/28

One of the most prominent atheist organizations in the electronic world is Atheist Republic started by Armin Navabi. A very nice, and intelligent and ethical, man who hails from Iran and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, now.

British Columbia is the least religious province in the entire country. Navabi has an interesting story. I recommend doing some search engines research on him. The purpose of Atheist Republic, as a non-profit organization under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, is to provide a space for the non-religious within the convinced atheist grouping.

Many of these individuals come from religious homes, probably. Navabi is an ex-Muslims. The organization works in tandem, whether organizationally or with some prominent individuals, with ex-Muslims. It is important to provide this space for the atheist populations of the world, as they comprise a hunk of the ex-Muslim population.

Of course, many ex-Muslims become a different sect, tradition, or denomination of Islam, or another religion, or simply spiritual or agnostic. But the provisions for the atheist ex-Muslim population is important and the ability to organize socially or for activism through online resources is important.

Whether online alone or the online world to facilitate the offline activities, Atheist Republic is a large and rapidly growing organization worth keeping an eye on, especially if you are an atheist ex-Muslim in need of community.

Everyone has, at times, felt alone, as if no one can hear their voice. However, there are not-quite panaceas but resources such as Atheist Republic to help solve some of the problems associated with the isolation of the ex-Muslim population in even their own countries and communities.

The confident believer or unbeliever should be able to live freely, openly, and without unfair or unjust treatment compared to others with the equal right to live a life of dignity, autonomy, and respect. Unfortunately, these international rights and privileges are, frequently, violated — often more for women than for men, which may explain the demographic differences between the men and the women in the ex-Muslim communities, at least the open ones.

The power of rational people coming together is important for the integration of the ex-Muslim community, of which Atheist Republic can be one of many groupings for the furtherance of equality and peace efforts around the world.


Atheist Republic. (2018). Atheist Republic. Retrieved from


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