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Resource: Atheist Refugee Belief


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/10/31

Refugees remain a growing and at risk population in the world. Their plight is in a sense all of ours. You cannot escape it. It is something that is part and parcel of the modern world with a warming climate and exacerbated military interventions and conflicts.

The problems for losing a homeland is also losing a house as a home as well. What is it to lose a home? It is potentially losing loved ones while being jettisoned for any variety of reasons.

It is the loss, quite possibly, of valued memorabilia and tokens and memories of one’s life. Then there are the drastic declines in quality of life for the people who are forced to leave and even flee.

These are refugees. They are subject to the realities and horrors of war, human desperation in scarcity conditions, pain and misery in varieties of deprivations unknown to much of the advanced industrial economies, and left with nothing but their bodies, a few items, and, perhaps, some close familial or social connections.

Some efforts to help these populations in regard to religion but not irreligion. It amounts to another manifestation of open disregard and compassion for those without formal faiths, or who have left one or another religion.

The refugee population, as it grows, and as many encounter the sincere problem in theology in real life without any necessary theological training of the Problem of Evil, real evil, more and more may be questioning the goodness of their Deity or, if involved in prayer and intervention, Theity.

Not an issue to be taken lightly in any way. But, the basic premise for the ex-Muslim and atheist populations is the degree to which they can garner some help too; there is an organization called Atheist Refugee Relief that is constructed so as to help the refugee population without a formal religion and a disbelief in the divine.

You can find out more about the atheist population of refugees and ways in which they can get more help through the link in the reference. Nonetheless, these are people in often desperate and horrid circumstances trying to find some semblance of stability and sustainable living but continue to be uprooted, extirpated, from their places that they set up.

One of the ways to help, if you feel so inclined, to look into the work of organizations such as Atheist Refugee Relief and work to either support them, or similar organizations, directly or indirectly with more exposure.


Atheist Refugee Relief. (2018). Atheist Refugee Relief. Retrieved from


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