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An Irish Ode: Being Gullible for the Hunza


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/11/02

Some non-scientists and gullible Westerners support the belief in the 150 years of living asserted about the Hunza.

When looking to the mainstream claims and researchers, what is the reality? The Hunza are simply at agricultural and premodern ages rather than the gullible claim of over 150 years.

This is a phenomenon found in some Westerners of wanting something to be true and, therefore, simply believing it to be true.

Westerners who wish to believe certain things as wishful-thinking uber-optimists. A drip-drop of skepticism may be needed.

These naive Westerners simply believe against the vast array of other evidence on offer: the preponderance of evidence in favour of Jeanne Calment as the oldest at about 122 years old, let alone asserted averages more than a quarter century above that.

Western religious fundamentalists argue for a separation between truth and fact, when, in fact, they argue for empirical truths in these cases and, thus, facts as truths.

We can consider the “truth” of this and the “fact” of this as a ‘true fact,’ as Western fundamentalists prefer redundancy. No dundees dancing over that age again compared to the mythological noble long-lived pre-modernists.

Apparently, some semi-clever fakesters bilk Westerners for ‘magical’ water over the Hunza, too.

If we listen closely, we can hear the clagarnach of the deluge of evidence against the thin-thatch roof of Bible fundamentalists, from then to there and now.

So it goes.


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