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Multifactorial Vectors in Sex and Gender with Dr. Christian Sorensen


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): The Good Men Project

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/07/27

Christian is a Philosopher that comes from Belgium. What identifies him the most and above all is simplicity, for everything is better with “vanilla ice cream.” Perhaps, for this reason, his intellectual passion is criticism and irony, in the sense of trying to reveal what “hides behind the mask,” and give birth to the true. For him, ignorance and knowledge never “cross paths.” What he likes the most in his leisure time, is to go for a walk with his wife.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Intersex is an interesting phenomenon, biologically in human beings and, thus, psychologically. What is it?

Dr. Christian Sorensen: The intersex, I consider that represents a paradigmatically change of the concept of sexual gender, since passes from the plurality of these to only one single inclusive and integrative category, which in turn would cease being discreet and would become continuous, in other words according to it, all the existing sexual genders until now, must be located between two extremes that I will denominate male and female poles. Therefore, each of them, will simultaneously share on the biological and psychological planes, bipolar characteristics in different proportions, which besides means, that both will inclusively make possible the coexistence of differences and similarities with each other. In consequence it could be said, that by the aforementioned, a space for the new sexual genres in the future could be opened, in order that they can factually emerge.

Jacobsen: Sex seems binary as a first glance. With intersex, we have a bi-polar distribution mostly with male or female primary sex characteristics. While, with intersex, we have the forms of intersex, not simply one, but the ratios per the three general sex primary characteristics categories are different one from the other in the total human species population. It becomes neither bi-nary nor bi-polar, nor bi-modal, but, rather, tri-modal in general terms. That is to say, male primary sex characteristics, female primary sex characteristics, and intersex primary sex characteristics as the superset of primary possible sex characteristics for human beings with a possibility for a quadri-modal with an entirely different length of a range for the different modes with a-sexual primary sex characteristics, natural eunuchs. So, the religions were wrong; the old school sex anatomists were wrong; and even, the modern feminists and progressivists were wrong. It’s not a naïve spectrum. It is bumpy. It is not binary. It is hills and valleys with strong tendencies. Is this a natural product of evolution with variation in a species? In that, one should expect general trends in the species, but a wide range of outcomes, especially in a species having over 100,000,000,000 people born and died in the history of the species.

Sorensen: I think that the evolution in particular of the human species, should not be viewed from a biological determinism, or from a genetic ultradeterminism, but rather through what I will denominate as the different degrees of inter-influence of multifactorial vectors, since I believe from a Lamarckian point of view, that there are other vectors that exert evolutionary forces, by what I am going to name as force of needs. In that sense, as occurs with the psychological dimension, they are able to go, and in some manner, through modulating it, to make up individuals biology. Therefore I consider that’s possible in the case of genders, that vector forces such as happens with the psychological ones, can induce, taking advantage of their elasticity, the physical biological changes that are needed, and that could eventually be transmitted by means of genetic mutations through generations, which in turn would consequently make possible the appearance of new intersex primary sexual characteristics in the future.

Jacobsen: What might happen in a hypothetical future with biological and psychological surgeries as more precise with more benefits to those who want it and fewer downsides?

Sorensen: I think that a creatively divergent range of intersex possibilities in the future can be opened, for that reason I consider that always in the context of gender sexuality, they should be the psychological factors the ones who determine the physical and biological characteristics, and not the other way around, as has happened until now. Therefore, the latests must adapt to the formers, and assume themselves as dependence variables, since strictly speaking, if it is analyzed what ultimately compromises in a deeper and more comprehensive way, through means of cognitions, emotions and spirituality, the being and soul of a person, it could be concluded, that the aforementioned is what actually determines the true nature of gender sexuality,

Jacobsen: Why did the human species have this particular kind of distribution of sex primary characteristics?

Sorensen: I think that this has occurred, due to belief systems in general, and to religious beliefs in particular, since they have not only slowed down scientific development in relation to the subject, but have also limited, through repression, fear and punishment, the boundaries of individuals psychological consciousness, since by this path, the exploration of other worlds around sexuality, and the search of other possibilities of genders differences, are definitely prevented.

Jacobsen: How linked are primary sex characteristics with the secondary sex characteristics?

Sorensen: I think that the correct question, is rather how coherently linked or not are the primary and secondary sexual characteristics between each other, since both are not directly linked, but are mediated by the psychology of each individual, which is in my opinion what lastly determines both of them. Therefore it will depend on individuals psychology, if actually sexual characteristics could be developed in some direction, and whether they are able to do so by following a harmonious path or not.

Jacobsen: Angels in Christian mythology are asexual, cannot procreate. Even the prime evil, the Devil, as a fallen angel, by implication, is asexual, what does this mean for the ordinary believers in how they see the world?

Sorensen: The question is not how do believers see the world, in function of their conceptions of angels and devil, but rather it should be, that because they see the world in a certain way, they need to visualize angels and the devil in such a manner, since if not, they would go into cognitive dissonance with their own religious beliefs, due to the fact that sex, exists indeed in the middle of the world, which in turn is associated with the capital sin of lust. Therefore in this context, sexuality is necessarily a manifestation of the body’s needs, which are linked to lower animal instincts. In consequence, angels and the devil, though they’re represented through human images with wings, they should be assumed as purely spiritual beings, due to the reason that by lacking a body and parts of it, such as occurs with sex, then they are not subject to the impulses that come from the flesh, nor they run the risk to skewer something or be skewered on whatever, when they fly between God and man.

Jacobsen: What might happen to fraternities and sororities into the future with the changing gender norms?

Sorensen: With this, probably in the future in some way or another, they would cross each other and will appear the hermaphrodirities or societies of hermaphrodites.

Jacobsen: Hey! Bye, thanks, Dr. Sorensen/son.

Sorensen: You are welcome.


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