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Christian Sorensen Talks on the Profoundly Gifted


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): The Good Men Project

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/07/23

Christian is a Philosopher that comes from Belgium. What identifies him the most and above all is simplicity, for everything is better with “vanilla ice cream.” Perhaps, for this reason, his intellectual passion is criticism and irony, in the sense of trying to reveal what “hides behind the mask,” and give birth to the true. For him, ignorance and knowledge never “cross paths.” What he likes the most in his leisure time, is to go for a walk with his wife.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: A man is man is a man, as the custom goes. In that, most men are pretty average. When a profoundly gifted man comes into a community of 120,000 people, what happens to those men? Do they lead? Do they get crushed? Do they find their way in sole other manner, or simply becomes recluses, etc.?

Christian Sorensen: Actually, almost always nothing occurs, since the profoundly gifted easily go unnoticed, and if something happens, then almost always nothing positive occurs, because all the variables that the community associates with success, and expects that should be fulfilled, aren’t reciprocated by profoundly gifted. In other words, they may be recognized, but their giftedness is usually seen as useless and even threatening, because respectively it tends not to be accompanied by adequate social adaptation, which is desirable, and it may introduce iatrogenic changes, that damages the stability and correct functioning of the system.

Consequently, this last tries to keep them as secluded as possible, at the same time that they are forced by various means, to get caught up in systemic dynamics, in order to prevent the generation of resistance, and the possibility of operating in parallel through contiguous systems.

Jacobsen: What happens to women in such circumstances?

Sorensen: In the case of women, a vicious circle occurs, since due to socio-cultural reasons, that can be summed up in just one word, misogyny, and regardless of the point of view of how these may be analyzed and justified, they are suffocated and repressed to the limit of the imaginable, in order to prevent them from developing all their intellectual potentials. In this way, it is possible to make them remain concentrated, mainly in a very average intelligence range. Therefore, if something unexpected happens, in the sense that the aforementioned is not fulfilled, then women are victimized in the same way as men, but with the aggravating circumstance of mistreatment, which ultimately is the key to preserve invariably this cycle, and perpetuate it indefinitely over time.

Jacobsen: What women really impress you?

Sorensen: Women who assume their femininity and symbolic castration, to the extent that they are capable to realize that the phallus actually does not exist anywhere. When they are self-conscious, that their full potential as women, lies precisely in the fact of valuing the difference, more than anything else, and therefore in the awareness that any form of penis envy, expressed through a struggle of self-affirmation and for gender empowerment, does nothing but denigrate their dignity as people, and highlight what they constitutively lack.

Jacobsen: What traits in women seem the most outstanding if not singular to you – speaking of the profoundly gifted women, indeed some genius women?

Sorensen: Their creativity, the ability to have deferred attention by focusing on multiple stimuli at the same time, the rigour to stick to a research methodology, and the capacity to perceive the imperceptible.

Jacobsen: Do men and women exhibit more mixed sexual psychological and gender characteristics that more gifted that they become? 

Sorensen: I do not think that it is a question of mixtures and androgyny, but rather of brain plasticity, since in fact the more gifted have greater flexibility to observe under a major number of points of view certain problems, which not necessarily are only limited to the gender perspective. Therefore what the aforementioned means, is that the more gifted are capable to analyze issues, as if they were a unique and integrated whole.

Jacobsen: How does one explain Newton’s strange other beliefs aside from math and optics?

Sorensen: Because he was a deeply religious man with a freethinking heart and soul.

Jacobsen: Why is Goethe so revered?

Sorensen: I think this occurs, since he has a fundamental influence on romanticism, and is the last true universal man who walked the earth.

Jacobsen: Are many profoundly gifted people lonely or alone in life?

Sorensen: It depends, because some are alone without being, since they are like planets. Others, despite are not alone, they actually are, and a few of them, are not in no sense, but just for now.


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