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Ask Charlotte 5 — Processes Behind Funding













Interviewer: Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Interviewee: Charlotte Littlewood

Numbering: Issue 2: Here We Go

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: Question Time

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Individual Publication Date: April 1, 2019

Issue Publication Date: January 1, 2019

Name of Publisher: In-Sight Publishing

Frequency: Three Times Per Year

Words: 947

Keywords: Become The Voice CIC, Charlotte Littlewood, communities, Palestinians, Scott Douglas Jacobsen.

Charlotte Littlewood is the Founding Director of Become The Voice CIC. A grass roots youth centred community interest company that she has built in response to the need to tackle hate, extremism and radicalisation within communities and online.

Here we talk about the processes unlying funding.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: The funding took a bit of time. But we’re back. What is the process there?

Charlotte Littlewood: Hi, Scott, last time we spoke, I was preparing for a presentation in front of potential non-profit fundraisers who would be willing to donate. I had meetings with an organization that I could pitch to. One of my directors was looking to build something around that. We had the funding dinner, which was pretty well received. We had discussions about what happens in Palestine. The work that we did do around women’s rights and work around youth activists, and going out and doing domestic violence awareness training.

It is about activists who stood up for women’s rights and went out and did awareness training. We saw an issue with extremism and extremist organizations pushing against the oppression and repression of women’s rights. We are working on that. We are working on creating a youth activist group. We are prepared to counter the extremists through creating foundations with capacity.

There are some young who heads of counter-extremists and organization through the Palestinian Authority. It is about better training, better coordination, and linking them to the right organizations and to help make the PA efforts in these areas better. There were some journalists and media there. We will be speaking to a funder. Others considered that what we are asking now very much.

I was offered a job on the back of this as well. It is unlikely a job that I will be able to take. It would be an interesting work. However, it would hinder my ability to grow the company. The grassroots company being bottom-up and the job being top-down, which would be a conflict of interest and make the operations of the grassroots harder. The grassroots work is based on interfaith dialogue.

We will have interfaith dialogues in Exeter. We have been invited to pitch more education programs down in the southwest. Again, that was something that we piloted. That went well. We are waiting to hear the official leadup of the schools. Then we will be able to pitch that to Exeter. Again, nothing is certain; still, we have the cutoff in January. I am looking for part-time work at the moment. That will complement the values. I am looking for an employer that understands and sympathizes with the ambitions and has invested interested in the work in Palestine. I am looking for an organization that will be able to give me the value in part-time work while still trying to grow the CIC.

It is important to know to go into these things that they what you like and then growing something from the very, very beginning within large groups behind you. It is hard. We are hoping to make or break before January. I need some kind of income. That is what we are looking for at the moment. It will help me grow with the exposure. I am offered jobs. But I am having to turn them down, as they are not aligned value-wise and may not be offering any time for other work.

And I really interested in the January deadline. It is an important thing to do. If anyone is out there interested in growing their own charities, the purpose is to set yourself a timeline, goals, and targets, and work as hard as you can to achieve it, but be ready to take a huge turn if it doesn’t happen in a set amount of time. Be willing to take part-time and supporting work to help you continue to try and grow your organization.

Jacobsen: What then is the current status of the funding for BTV CIC?

Littlewood: So, pending! [Laughing] I spoke with people and chased emails and thanked them for support when they did. Most of the work is skills work. It is about debate and public speaking skills. We have the funding pitch that will hopefully be in November. I am working in schools. We are continuing to set up funders who are looking to give to Palestine work, once we identify what is relevant.

As I said, it is giving ourselves a deadline of January/February.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Charlotte.

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Image Credit: Charlotte Littlewood.

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