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Ask Sally 2— Feedback on AIPAC: ‘Vitriol’ and Israel


Interviewer: Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Interviewee: Sally Buxbaum Hunt

Numbering: Issue 2: Here We Go

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: Question Time

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Individual Publication Date: February 18, 2019

Issue Publication Date: January 1, 2019

Name of Publisher: In-Sight Publishing

Frequency: Three Times Per Year

Words: 772

Keywords: AIPAC, Israel, Sally Buxbaum Hunt, Scott Douglas Jacobsen.

Sally Buxbaum Hunt is a Sexual Education, Sex-Positive, Separation of Church and State Activist and Organizer, and a Progressive. Here we talk about AIPAC and Israel.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have some thoughts on AIPAC and the news based on the news, recently. Why have these been of interest in the past couple of weeks?

Sally Buxbaum Hunt: It has been difficult seeing the mainstream media narrative that Ilhan Omar has been antisemitic based on her remarks. It has been the main messaging from most of our politicians. That is unacceptable because it’s not true.

Ilhan Omar did not say anything antisemitic. I say this as someone of Jewish heritage myself. But you don’t have to be of Jewish background to understand these very basic facts, because all she did was point out the simple fact that these lobbying groups, e.g., AIPAC, want politicians to give extra tax dollars to US politicians so those politicians support Israel.

That is the whole point of AIPAC. They are a pro-Israel lobbying group. AIPAC raises money, gives this money to politicians, and then those politicians should give unwavering support to Israel and special privileges to Israel.

That this lobbying group, AIPAC, is giving extra tax dollars — US tax dollars — to Israel’s government. This is true. This is absolutely true [Laughing]. Ilhan Omar was pointing this out. Then many people freaked out and said this was antisemitic.

She even was forced to apologize by Democratic leadership. When I saw her apology, I appreciated that she still made the point about the problem with lobbying groups in the apology, where she did not want to alienate them. It was not her goal.

She was pressured to make the apology. She definitely shouldn’t have been pressured to apologize at all. Because she said absolutely nothing wrong. Part of this fake controversy is just because she’s a Muslim. A big problem is the extreme bigotry against Muslims, and also that she is black.

That makes her a bigger target. I think racism is another reason here. She is a target for being a Muslim woman and a black woman, especially [Laughing] being both of those at the same time. But this idea that no one can criticize AIPAC or can ever criticize Israel is irrational and illogical.

It makes no sense. Israel is not the same as Jews. Jewish people are not a monolith. There are all sorts of views and ideas, political ideologies. Not every Jewish person supports the government of Israel. Not every Jewish person supports the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. That is what this issue is about.

No one should support the occupation. That is the bottom line. Palestinians who live in the occupied territories are trying to live their lives. Their home communities are constantly under military occupation. They are constantly being terrorized, brutalized, harassed, and oppressed. They don’t even have voting rights regarding the government that rules over them every day.

They cannot live freely. They are in dire poverty and in utter hopelessness. Anyone who mentions Palestinians being angry at Israel; they are justifiably angry at this government. That is the main point that I think everyone needs to understand here.

The government of Israel is an occupying force of a government. They are a warmongering and oppressive government to Palestinian civilians living in these occupied territories. That is the point right there. Ilhan Omar is right to point out AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobbying group, has one mission. That is to raise money for politicians, so they give unwavering support from US taxpayer funds that are supporting this occupation.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Sally.

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