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Conversation with Tianxi Yu (余天曦) on Some Intellectual Interests: Member, Chinese Genius Directory (2)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2022/06/01


Tianxi Yu (余天曦) is a Member of CatholIQ, Chinese Genius Directory, EsoterIQ Society, Nano Society, and World Genius Directory. He discusses: Chen-Ning Yang; Paul Seymour; the “greatest”; more serious thoughts on the fundamental nature of reality; Russell; your own thoughts; school examinations; investment; writing; a Nobel prize a good indicator of a great thinker; focus on the people at the top of the world; want to be recognized; focus on academic activities; thoughts on love; love; tests; identify individuals who can solve complex problems; an anti-intellectual; an intellectual; waste; writing; some projects; some social problems of interest; and development of science and technology.

Keywords: CatholIQ Society, Chinese Genius Directory, EsoterIQ Society, Nano Society, Tianxi Yu, World Genius Directory.

Conversation with Tianxi Yu (余天曦) on Some Intellectual Interests: Member, Chinese Genius Directory (2)

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citation style listing after the interview.*

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: We’re back after 16 months. Let’s continue, my friend. Why Chen-Ning Yang?

Tianxi Yu (余天曦)[1],[2]*: Because his contribution to his discipline is greater than anyone else’s, even if he is also a Nobel laureate, Yang’s contribution is greater than the vast majority of Nobel laureates. Among the scientists currently alive, Yang is undoubtedly the most radiant.

Jacobsen: Why Paul Seymour?

Yu: Don’t know much about him, hahaha, I read his proof of the strong perfect graph conjecture, it is very interesting.

Jacobsen: Why do you want the world to think you’re the “greatest”?

Yu: I don’t need to be recognized by everyone, I just want to be recognized by the people at the top of the world. Getting recognition is kind of socially satisfying, and the work I’m doing now is definitely something I want to be recognized for.

Jacobsen: What are your more serious thoughts on the fundamental nature of reality? What is reality?

Yu: I would have given an answer to this question 16 months ago, but I can’t give it now.

Jacobsen: What are your thoughts on Russell?

Yu: It is difficult to describe in a few words… When I saw this question, my brain was flooded with very complicated and huge emotions… I first learned about Russell near the end of elementary school, and it struck me as I read it, because I felt that Russell’s thoughts were similar to many of mine… “An austere soul burns in the agony of loneliness”, except that I have a different perception of love than he does, and I have little desire for it, and even rather resent it.

Jacobsen: What makes your own thoughts dismiss those, since established, as meaningless?

Yu: It is a wrong idea that everything that has been established is useful. Useless use is also a use. Although on a social level, there are high and low values, but creating beauty and pleasing ourselves has no value.

Jacobsen: Do you mean the school examinations as the “tests” making you feel disgusted?

Yu: Yes, I hate tests, I think they are obsolete. Put in the past, the test is undoubtedly useful, because human social development is just starting, and needs a lot of fast talent to meet the needs of society. But today’s social development is very slow, and can even be described as stagnant, it is time to discover people who can solve complex problems, which is often referred to as “high IQ” talent in the community. I am more of an anti-intellectual, but I have to say that the IQ of the high ability to solve complex problems is stronger, of course, not gaining expertise, still a waste.

Jacobsen: What kinds of investment?

Yu: Cryptos, but now no more investment, mainly in writing papers and doing projects.

Jacobsen: What are some papers that you’re writing to “earn bonus”?

Yu: Not to go to “earn bonus”, now write papers more inclined to interest. Because I found that some of my knowledge and insights can actually solve some social problems and contribute to the development of science and technology in a small way.

Jacobsen: Is a Nobel prize a good indicator of a great thinker to you?

Yu: From a historical perspective, these Nobel Prize winners have greatly advanced the world and have all made great contributions to the world. And creating these results also requires very deep thinking, and from this perspective, I think it is.

Jacobsen: Why focus on the people at the top of the world compared to others when hoping for proper recognition in the world?

Yu: Only people at the top of the world can understand each other.

Jacobsen: What is the work you’re doing now? That which you “want to be recognized for.”

Yu: Hard to describe, although I want to say “technology”, but not sure.I don’t know if my works really have meaning or what I will do in the future.

Jacobsen: Why the change in the ability to answer some questions compared to 16 months ago?

Yu: 16 months ago I was focused on making money, so I only wanted to think about money-related things. But now money is not as useful as before, so I focus on academic activities.

Jacobsen: What are your different thoughts on love now?

Yu: I now believe that love is useless. Thinking this has to do with the country I live in. Love should be something that brings pleasure and draws pleasure from the other person. But nowadays, there are high mortgage payments (the average person struggles for about 30 years to afford a house), huge education costs (school district, tuition fees), and lack of medical assistance. Not to mention that 715 (9:00 to work, 25:00 to leave work, lasting seven days) is now popular, and society is still in the process of massive layoffs and pay cuts. With so many burdens there is still time to fall in love?

Jacobsen: Why do you “rather resent” love in a sense?

Yu: Women weak my legs.

Jacobsen: What should replace tests now?

Yu: Not yet, existing resources are not sufficient to support a more complex testing approach.

Jacobsen: With social development as very slow now, even stagnant, what can help identify individuals who can solve complex problems in this societal environment?

Yu: Large area for universal high range testing? lol

Jacobsen: Why consider yourself “more of an anti-intellectual”?

Yu: I don’t like to over-emphasize the importance of intelligence, of course it’s more important, but there’s no need to deify it. I also rather resent people who flaunt their IQ.

Jacobsen: In this context, following from the previous question, what makes someone an intellectual?

Yu: Born in an intellectual family has been a big part of success, if not, only by their own desire for knowledge.

Jacobsen: How do the talented, typically, waste their talents, not use them fully?

Yu: Laziness. Although I know that some people may feel that, for example, the family of origin, or school bullying and other reasons, but it all boils down to laziness.

Jacobsen: What are some things you’re writing now?

Yu: “Infectious disease risk calculation and storage system based on 3-tier network system” -Tianxi Yu, first author

Jacobsen: What are some projects you’re doing now?

Yu: “Research on rapid risk assessment, precise early warning and prevention and control countermeasures for major outbreaks of acute infectious diseases”-Major Science and Technology Project on Public Health of Tianjin [grant numbers 21ZXGWSY00010] and the Tianjin Key Medical Discipline (Specialty) Construction Project (2021)

Jacobsen: What are some social problems of interest to you?

Yu: Covid-19 epidemic, economy, corruption, etc., but it’s not convenient to start the discussion.

Jacobsen: What are things in the development of science and technology of interest to you, now?

Yu: Every major scientific advancement interests me.


[1] Member, CatholIQ; Member, Chinese Genius Directory; Member, EsoterIQ Society; Member, Nano Society; Member, World Genius Directory.

[2] Individual Publication Date: June 1, 2022:; Full Issue Publication Date: September 1, 2022:

*High range testing (HRT) should be taken with honest skepticism grounded in the limited empirical development of the field at present, even in spite of honest and sincere efforts. If a higher general intelligence score, then the greater the variability in, and margin of error in, the general intelligence scores because of the greater rarity in the population.


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